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September 23rd, 5 PM: “Bioresonance Scanning: The Intersection of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Modern Physics.”


In April, Mark Selawry presented on the link between unresolved emotional trauma and disease. Mark will return to present and demonstrate the power of Bioresonance Scanning, also known as Meridian Stress Analysis. Most people familiar with acupuncture are aware of the concept of meridians. Meridians are a network of 361 points in the body through which the body’s energy, or “qi” flows. Each meridian corresponds with an organ and/or system in the body. An imbalance in meridian(s) associated with kidneys, for example, would be associated with a disease process in the kidneys. Imbalances in meridians can also reflect imbalances in systems (e.g. endocrine, immune, etc..), nutrition (e.g. deficits in specific vitamins, minerals, enzymes and/or amino acids), indeed, even emotional imbalances, which many believe to be a critical factor in most chronic degenerative diseases. 

In a quantum realm, everything can be explained in terms of energy and frequency. This includes information the body can use to harness its own healing capacity. Thus, homeopathic remedies are available that work on an informational basis, as spectrographic analysis of homeopathic remedies will not reveal the presence of the molecular substance being administered. 

Mark will explain in an easy to understand way how bioresonance scanning can provide useful information on a person’s overall status (i.e. where are the imbalances), as well as to provide frequencies that might address such imbalances. This will be demonstrated by doing a “live” scan on a volunteer using the Qest4 scanner Mark uses in his practice.  

Mark's bio:    

Mark spent most of his adult life (so far) as a business executive in multi-national companies such as Disney and Hilton, living and working in Switzerland, Russia, France, England, Sweden, Denmark and Belgium. A Harvard MBA, Mark believed he would continue his climb up the corporate ladder, ultimately becoming CEO of a large international firm. In 2011, the Universe gifted Mark a wonderful relationship with Helen-Jane, an English woman Mark met while they were both living outside Paris. Shortly after meeting, Helen-Jane was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer. Mark accompanied Helen-Jane in her cancer journey, studying all manner of interventions, both conventional and alternative. By April 2013, after having gone through conventional treatment, Helen-Jane was pronounced terminal, and told to get her affairs in order. This is when Mark and Helen-Jane discovered the “Kelley Protocol”, involving use of pancreatic enzymes for the treatment of cancer. Helen-Jane was literally snatched away from the jaws of death. Unfortunately, she felt so good on the program, that Helen-Jane became “non-compliant”, and developed metastasis that led to her transition in January 2015. Since then, Mark founded “Wellness-Haven”, a venture dedicated to helping people with all forms of chronic degenerative disease, and especially cancer, navigate the tricky waters of choice and, hopefully, harness the healing power within.

Mark lives in Boise, ID, and has three children who currently reside in Denmark.

September 30th, 5 PM: Cheryl Adcox, "Finding Meaning in Our Days of Mere Mortality"

  Finding Meaning in Our Days of Mere Mortality  

“The art of living well and the art of dying well are one”

-Epicuras (341-270 bc)

In this culture we find ourselves living in, where youth and health are worshipped, death has become a taboo subject. We tend not to think about it, talk about it and all too often we don't plan for it. We view it as a malady, an enemy, something to be avoided at all costs.  Yet death is a universal experience; its a natural process of life. The truth is that life and death are two sides of the same coin, they are deeply intertwined with one another. And it is only through befriending and embracing the inevitability of our own deaths that we can fully embrace the richness and beauty of life. 

So please, let's begin the conversation. Come share a transformational evening with me as together we explore our attitudes, our questions, our fears, our doubts and our hopes about what it means to be mortal.

Cheryl's Bio:

Cheryl's passion is in End of Life care and in helping to change the current paradigm of how we perceive death. She received her Bachelor's of Science in Nursing in 2003 from Boise State University. Her background is in Oncology and Hospice nursing and she is currently an End of Life Doula Apprentice with Deanna Cochran through Quality of Life Care. Cheryl is a graduate of the two year Anamcara Program offered through Sacred Art of Living in Bend, OR and is also a certified facilitator of the Institute of Noetic Science's Conscious Aging Workshops.   Cheryl is committed to quality end of life care and offers compassionate, nonjudgemental support, calming presence, education and advocacy.  She is dedicated to assisting individuals and their loved ones to find peace, security, meaning and wholeness through the final passage of life. 

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