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November 11th, 5 PM: Uhane Hawaiian Dance Troupe




“Uhane Hawaiian” Invites You to experience their performance for the Spiritual Awareness Community of the Cascades at Rosie Bareis Sanctuary, 1010 NE 14th St. Bend.   You will leave happy and inspired by the joyful, volunteer dancers who keep the Aloha Spirit alive!

The hula, a dance from the Pacific Islanders, also called Polynesians, include Samoans, Tongans, Niueans, Cook Islands Māori, Tahitian Mā'ohi, Hawaiian Māoli, Marquesans and New Zealand Māori, are a subset of the Austronesian peoples.

 Through the hula, the Pacific Islanders were connected with their land and their gods. This is the dance of “Uhane Hawaii” (meaning Spirit of Hawaii) Dance Troupe, who perform 25 to 30 shows a year, in schools, assisted living homes, cultural events, and local festivals. “For us, dancing is a way to give back”. “We dance for ourselves but also it is a way to connect to our audience.”  We are hoping to share the ‘meaning of this dance’ as conveying ‘the Aloha Spirit of warm, friendly welcomings’. Through the hula, the Native Hawaiians were connected with their land and their gods; it was their Spiritual Root.

    The troupe is lead by Auntie Rose Miller who exudes the “Aloha Spirit” of warmth and Love. She has been dancing the hula since she was 5 years old. She teaches students from 2 to 70 the intricacies and beauty of the Hula. She continues dancing to stay connected to her culture, ancestry and community. She sees passing on her knowledge as a Sacred Gift. Auntie Rose believes in volunteerism and the power of this art form to change lives and communities. “We all give of ourselves and our gifts, to help others as well as ourselves to grow.” 

November 18th, 5 PM: Exploring the Connection of Creativity, Spirituality and Healing with Barbara Largent


In our fast-paced, linear, externally-focused world we forget that most answers on what our bodies need for healing come from within. Slowing down and listening to our bodies, connecting to our Source, and creatively expressing ourselves are tools as important as MRI’s and CAT scans when it comes to true healing. We will explore the body’s “Right brain mode” - that beautiful doorway to healing and spirit – that needs no “prior authorization” or insurance coverage. 


Though Barbara Largent, MD started her career as a family physician, she is now an artist and energy healer. Through her own inner healing journey, she came to understand deeply that what she learned in medical school was limited when it came to true healing and change.  In exploring ways to release trauma from her body, Barb came to learn about Eastern philosophies on healing and energy medicine. Her learning and healing brought her through a place of great transformation in her life. She now uses her hands, heart, mind and intuition to guide and help people through their own healing journeys. Barbara also teaches classes and workshops on creativity and healing.  



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