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This Week ~ March 18th

March 18th Energy Balancing using Biofield Reverberation Shannon Townsend

Sound Practitioner and Hypnotherapist Shannon Townsend will be talking about how our energy fields work. As well as how to know if they are out of balance and some techniques on how to get them back into alignment. He will also be presenting his Biofield Reverberation Therapy during this gathering. Please join us for a fun and educational evening.

 BIO:  Shannon has learned and embraced several modalities over the years through the process of self healing and betterment. He has learned that through the process and dedicated practice of improvement we step into our own power, our own purpose and then our own personal heart centered way of providing service to others and the planet upon which we all currently live.

March 25th The Healing Power of the Togodoo ~ Carol Fox

 Many indigenous cultures use some form of sacred circle to focus the collective energies of the tribe for celebration, mourning, empowerment, or healing of self, family, community, and planet. The Ghanian tribal version of this ritual is called the Togodoo. (Pronounced TOE-Go-Doe).
I will describe my personal experience with this tradition and share some slides illustrating some of the many forms the togodoo may take. We will then create a simple togodoo using materials provided by myself and others. Participants are invited to bring small objects of personal significance - a stone, a flower, a figurine, or any object that represents a meaningful connection with yourself, with a loved one, or with Spirit.

Bio - Carol Fox
Former lifetimes: East Coast suburban hypocrite, hippie, mother, nurse, editor, writer of stories, poems, and a novel
Transforming influences: Zen Buddhism, Macrobiotic studies, EST training, channeled teachings, Jungian therapy, Twelve-step programs, Robert Bly, Ram Dass, Non-Violent Communication, Lyme Disease, and the practice of Togodoo. Among others.
Current Assignment: Caretaker for four goats, ten chickens, two dogs, and a one-acre patch of rocks and weeds in Redmond, Oregon.

In 2011 I was recovering from a long ordeal with Lyme Disease when I met Moses Yao, an African shaman practicing the Togodoo tradition in Santa Cruz, California. The moment I saw the togodoo, I felt deeply moved and overwhelmed with a desire to make it a part of my life. I became his student and over the course of several months he taught me as much as I could absorb of this Ghanian ritual. What I had not anticipated was that it would play a vital part in my physical, emotional, and spiritual healing journey. I enjoy practicing the Togodoo both personally and collaboratively, as a way of connecting with the universal life energy that I call God. 

April 1st The Circle & Potluck ~ Led by Ron Boozell

April 8th Drum & Dance the 5 Elements ~ Katrina Rose

You are invited to participate in a mostly free-form improvisational drumming & dancing circle! You will choose one option of whether to drum or to dance for the evening. If you choose to drum, all percussive instruments are welcome, as are melody wind instruments such as flutes and didgeridoos. We will explore a variety of tempos and feeling tones as we journey through the 5 elements. This will be a space for creative freedom of expression! As drummers, we will enter into a synergistic communion with the dancers. Their dancing will feed and inspire our drumming and our drumming will feed and inspire their dancing. 

Soundmaker & devotee. Lover of Life’s mysteries  Synarchist. Synthesizer. Inner adventurer. Equal part Elf. Child of Jupiter. Identifies more as a wave than a particle. Aspiring flute boxer & swing dancer. Strives to be like Hanuman (her hero). Kat is the co-owner of Sol Alchemy Temple and leads the weekly Kirtan there on Wednesday evenings. 

April 15th Exploring Forgiveness Through the Lens of Love ~ Diana Aimone

 This  workshop will explore the benefits of forgiveness by way of self love. Often times we feel stuck in the same patterns and wonder why and how I landed here again. This mini workshop will help you discover ways to break these patterns and begin letting go of self defeating beliefs and shift the energy from the inside out. You will experience guided visualizations and opportunity to heal those deep wounds. I am looking forward to connecting with you during this workshop. 

BIO~ Diana Aimone is an intuitive counselor who uses her diverse experiences to connect with people where they are at on their journey. She is a loving and kind soul who believes in the power of love and living life with an open heart. She holds a bachelor’s degree in human development and family sciences, and a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling, both from OSU-Cascades. She loves teaching and helping others learn how to help themselves. She enjoys facilitating guided visualizations and helping people to connect with their higher selves. She claims to be a "work in progress" and expects to be a lifelong learner.  

April 22nd Good Chi Feng Shui & The 5 Elements ~ Sonja Runar

The discussion will start with a brief description of the History of Feng Shui, what exactly it means and how it works. Then we will discuss the 5 Elements and how that applies to us in everyday life and as individuals. We will learn what our personal five element is, whether we are a Fire, Earth, Metal, Water or Wood person. This knowledge is a great way to design certain aspects of our lives to better line up with the Universal Flow, or Vital Force Energy that permeates all of life. 


Hi, my name is Sonja Runar and I am a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner. My interest in learning about the ancient art of Feng Shui led me to the American Feng Shui Institute close to twenty years ago. The school was founded by Master Lawrence Sang from Hong Kong, who is a direct lineage to Master Yang, the first practitioner from the Yellow Emperor Dynasty. Before my certification in Feng Shui, I became a Level IV energy worker in a modality called Universal Energy or SHY, Spiritual Human Yoga. After that I became a Reiki Master, using both forms of healing according to the situation or severity. I’ve performed close to 700 Feng Shui readings in homes and buildings over the years, and I love to teach this Ancient Knowledge. The principles of Feng Shui are something that all of us can use to experience life in a completely different way and it’s so much fun to apply! Peace, Joy and Love, Sonja  

April 29th Quantum Jumping ~ Aingeal and Ahonu

May 6th The Circle & Potluck Led by Ed Windhorse

*Note Venue Change:  We will be meeting upstairs at Dudley's downtown.


Part two of a three part discussion: The Trinity of Consciousness

 This discussion is centered around the correlations between the concept of spirit and the energy that is consciousness. During the course of this discussion Ed with share with us some ancient tools from different traditions that will help us "get off the ground" with this concept. These tools and this discussion will also help to set the stage for part three which will offer us a better understanding of the energy that is consciousness and human enlightenment.

 Part one was a discussion of participants personal experiences with consciousness. Part two is available to anyone who wants to attend even if they missed part one. 

Bio:  Mr. Ed is a 'certified' consciousness coach, professor of metaphysics, and the founder of 'Bendharma' (a consciousness discussion group here in, Bend). Western schooled as an engineer/architect and artist/musician, building 'bridges of consciousness' remains as the primary objective. In all, just another carpenter trying to build some good structure back into this Earth-home so we may ALL survive a little longer.

May 13th Mother's Day Speaker ~ Joanna White-Wolff

May 20th Shamanic Meditation and Drum Journey ~ Jan Mahloch & Steve Moe

Explore your inner guidance by working with the earth to support your own spiritual journey. The shamanic drum is a powerful tool for going within and retrieving intuitive messages. This session will include visualizations set to drum journeys. No prior shamanic experience necessary.

BIO: Jan Mahloch is an angelic channel and meditation facilitator. Her husband Steve has followed the shamanic path for many years and is an accomplished intuitive drummer. They have been married for 32 years and have combined their spiritual tools to offer a lively, fun space that supports working with the earth for clarity and understanding.

May 27th Peace Speaker

June 3rd The Circle & Potluck

June 10th Maximize your Expression: Intergration for the Mind, Body and Spirit ~ Dr. Jessica Goyke


Better understand how your body works, discover the power stored within that allows your biology to thrive; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

Learn the tools and processes to support living optimally. We’ll dive into the importance of nervous system integration and how to increase your bandwidth for greater health and happiness. 

We will bridge science and spirituality with empowering information for your growth and evolution. 


Dr. Jessica grew up in the state of Michigan loving the lakes, lacrosse and expressing creativity. At the age of 16, she found herself suffering with unexplainable stress and her body breaking down.  Anxiety, asthma, fatigue, and severe menstrual symptoms were impacting her quality of life as an active teenager. Doctors visits left her feeling disempowered, fearful and disconnected as they could not reveal any reason for what she was experiencing. This led to years of taking medications that made her feel worse - physically, mentally and emotionally. 

Her healing journey began when she was introduced to vitalistic chiropractic care and the body's incredible ability to heal.  As she began getting adjusted, she felt her life and health restored.  After discovering this tool for revitalizing health, she went on to pursue the study of vitalistic chiropractic in order to help others experience healing and their full potential. She studied Biomedical Sciences at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan and completed her Doctorate in Chiropractic at Life University in Marietta, Georgia. 

Dr. Jessica is passionate about helping individuals feel empowered in their bodies, their health choices and overall wellbeing throughout all stages of life. She is thankful for the experiences she has had because they have given her compassion and understanding to guide others on their journey to optimal health. Dr. Jessica loves all things wellness, the great outdoors, yoga, singing in the car and quality time with friends and family. 

June 17th Fulfillment: It's a Formula, not a Secret! ~ Julie Zolfo

June 24th TBD

July 1st The Circle & Potluck

July 8th GOD: A New Story ~ Terri Daniel

Q: How can God let this terrible thing happen?
A: It depends what you think God IS

Is pain and suffering randomly dispersed, or worse, a punishment handed down by a judgmental god? Or is it a precious gift from our higher selves to impart important growth lessons that we ourselves have chosen? Traditional religion teaches us that there’s a supreme being with a master plan and that we have very little to say about it. By contrast, self-empowered spirituality says that we’re the ones who designed the plan, and we know exactly what we’re here for and how to create situations to bring forth the very experiences we need at any given moment. In this sense there are no tragedies, no good and evil, no here and there, and no them and us.

Rev. Terri Daniel, MA, CT is a clinical chaplain, ordained interfaith minister and end-of-life educator certified in death, dying and bereavement by the Association of Death Education and Counseling. The focus of her work is to assist dying and grieving individuals to discover a more spiritually-spacious understanding of death and beyond. Terri conducts workshops throughout the U.S. to help the dying and the bereaved find healing through meditative, ceremonial and therapeutic processes that focus on inner transformation rather than external events. Her work is acclaimed by physicians, hospice workers, grief counselors and clergy for its pinpoint clarity on the process of dying and grieving, and its heartfelt depiction of consciousness beyond the physical body.
Her unique form of "radical mysticism" incorporates elements of Buddhism, Shamanism, ancient pagan practices, Gnosticism and other spiritual traditions to break down limiting beliefs about forgiveness, divine judgment and negative experience. Terri is the author of three books on death and the afterlife, and is also the founder of the annual Afterlife Awareness Conference. 

July 15th Forgiveness the Art of Healing ~ Billy Shank


Forgiveness - the elusive Holy Grail of an enlightened consciousness. Why is forgiveness so desperately desired but so hard to come by? What is it about blaming that holds us prisoner and unable to forgive? Why do we hold onto resentment that robs us of our innate power to control our own lives? 

Because we've got a lot invested in our blames and resentments. It's much easier to blame you, or the government, or that guy at work for why I feel bad. But as long as I persist in blaming you, my resentment will continue to eat me up from the inside, out, and I will never heal. But what needs to heal? How have I been hurt and what is it exactly that needs to heal? 

Explore these questions and more when William Glenn Shank presents 'Forgiveness, the Art of Healing'.


As the author of 'The Forgiveness Story', Billy holds workshops and gives talks employing a unique combination of storytelling techniques and Practitioner consciousness to affect truly remarkable levels of forgiveness.

Otherwise, most Sundays Billy accompanies his wife, singer/songwriter Andrea Lane, as the musical inspiration at New Thought Spiritual Centers throughout the United States and Canada.

"Whether as a speaker, or through musical inspiration or workshops, I've always wanted to uplift and inspire people to experience the joyous life they were meant to have. The workshops and music give me the opportunity to touch people at their soul level. It's truly a blessing."

July 22nd TBD

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