Upcoming Events 3 PM Sundays Rosie Bareis Sanctuary


Please join us at 1010 NW 14th Street in Bend 

By making a donation at our events, you enable us to continue to bring you the fine speakers and excellent programs you enjoy, which help support you on your path of  personal and spiritual transformation.  Donations help to cover the cost of the Sanctuary Meeting Hall as well as administrative costs.

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Community Drumming January 20th 3pm-4:30pm


 The Spiritual Awareness Community of the Cascades Presents Community Drumming. Bring your drum, rattle, or other hand-held musical instruments. Our intention is to drum in the New Year and drum out 2018 through vibration!

This is a cellular, mind, body, heart cleanse to release what no longer serves you and create coherence with what you wish to receive.

"Sound Meditation with Singing Bowls" presented by Erik McFarland. January 27th, 3pm-4:30-pm


Erik creates a Sound Meditation experiences using a combination of singing bowls, chimes, and wood instruments. Enjoy the journey of sounds and vibrations that quiet the mind and relax the body. Smudging the space, and frankincense oil will be offered. We will collectively set an intention using the sound current.

Bring a yoga mat or pad to lay on, and blanket to be comfortable, additionally if the time slot is when there is sunlight it’s advisable to bring something to cover the eyes. 

Come Alive Fun-Raiser Sat. Feb 2, at 5:30 PM – 10 PM located @ The Desert Museum 59800 S Hwy 97

Creating happier people in life, work, using community workshops, trainings and event experiences.

 THE COURAGE TRIBE is a social impact company creating happier, more productive people in life, work, and your community through workshops, trainings and event experiences.  

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Love and Celebration: A Guided Meditation with Shiv Sunday, Feb 10th at 3 PM – 4 PM


Start the New Year with a powerful Guided Meditation to quite the internal critic. If you are tired of the same mental patterns that keep you stuck. You deserve to become more aware of which thoughts actually serve you, and which thoughts derail you. Take a step forward this year towards your best self, by journeying inward through Meditation’s internal playground. “When we become still so do the thoughts and we are than more aware of which path will best serve us”. What you can expect to reap is regaining your sense of self, and moving towards what what your life was meant to be….to feel good.

Annual Membership Meeting: Sunday, February 10 at 5 PM (after regular program)


Per our bylaws, we will conduct the annual meeting of the members and elect members to the board of trustees. 

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