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July 15th Forgiveness the Art of Healing ~ Billy Shank


Forgiveness - the elusive Holy Grail of an enlightened consciousness. Why is forgiveness so desperately desired but so hard to come by? What is it about blaming that holds us prisoner and unable to forgive? Why do we hold onto resentment that robs us of our innate power to control our own lives? 

Because we've got a lot invested in our blames and resentments. It's much easier to blame you, or the government, or that guy at work for why I feel bad. But as long as I persist in blaming you, my resentment will continue to eat me up from the inside, out, and I will never heal. But what needs to heal? How have I been hurt and what is it exactly that needs to heal? 

Explore these questions and more when William Glenn Shank presents 'Forgiveness, the Art of Healing'.


As the author of 'The Forgiveness Story', Billy holds workshops and gives talks employing a unique combination of storytelling techniques and Practitioner consciousness to affect truly remarkable levels of forgiveness.

Otherwise, most Sundays Billy accompanies his wife, singer/songwriter Andrea Lane, as the musical inspiration at New Thought Spiritual Centers throughout the United States and Canada.

"Whether as a speaker, or through musical inspiration or workshops, I've always wanted to uplift and inspire people to experience the joyous life they were meant to have. The workshops and music give me the opportunity to touch people at their soul level. It's truly a blessing."

July 22nd: TBD

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August 5th The Circle & Potluck

August 12th TBD

August 19th TBD

August 26th Introduction to Soul Psychology- Your Path to a Life of Meaning and Purpose ~ Tina Burgan

You are divinely designed to be and do certain things during your time on earth. Soul Psychology identifies the map that each of us has been imprinted with from prior to birth. This is your map to a life of meaning and soul satisfaction. I can read that map and I can teach you to read that map. This presentation will provide you an overview of Soul Psychology and its impact on your life. We will look at the difference between Soul Psychology, circumstances and personality. You will learn about what a Life Purpose, Life Lesson and School are and are not. 

Once you know you have a map and that it is specific, knowable and accurate, you are better equipped to manage what comes your way and to design your life to thrive. 


BIO - Tina is an Advanced Hand Analyst and in the Masters Program with the International Institute of Hand Analysis (IIHA). She has been studying hands for over five years, working with clients to reveal their big "Why?" She introduces them to their individual map that can lead them to their life of soul-level purpose and meaning. Helping people understand this, revealing what they are meant to be and do according to the divine map they have imprinted with from prior to birth, is her passion.

Her studies began several years ago after a life changing event that led her to reevaluate her time left on earth. She had readings with IIHA founder Richard Unger and fell head over hands in love with the art and science of Life Purpose Hand Analysis. It is based in science, medical finding, forensic, historical evidence and over four decades experience on hundreds of thousands of hands. It is not predictive, subjective or irrelevant. Hand Analysis is repeatable, objective and accurate and learnable.

September 2nd The Circle & Potluck

September 9th The Last Letter Journey – A simple practice that has a profound effect on your life ~ Andy Chaleff

My core message is that suffering isn’t there to plague us, but rather to teach us. As long as we run away from it, it can’t teach us what we need to know to find peace. A meaningful life is not found beyond suffering, or in spite of it. Rather, it is found precisely in it and because of it. 

In taking on the Last Letter project and releasing this journey as a book, I offer it not as a step-by-step, “how-to” manual, but rather as a useful compass. I am not a guru with all the answers. I am a fellow traveler sharing my experience. My sincere hope is my story will inspire others to embrace pain and surrender to reality as it is, with the all the love, happiness, peace, and freedom that brings. 


I was eighteen years old when my mother was hit and killed by a drunk driver. This devastated my life and defined everything afterwards. Three years after her death, I left the U.S., never to return to live. I have lived in 6 countries since departing the US in 1992. My life’s journey has been about learning to face and embrace my pain. I’ve used my emotional healing process to support others who have gone through trauma or who are just struggling with life in general.

For six months a year, I travel around the world to coach and mentor CEOs and high-level influencers under the business name “Meaningful Relations”. I live with my clients for a week and shadow their lives. I see no separation between business and personal—these are just different areas in which the same problems emerge. I also offer corporate training and group seminars on a range of topics, but all under the general theme of deepening self-awareness. My work is not grounded in any single practice, but it always moves in the direction of a heightened self-awareness. My work grows primarily through word-of-mouth. Alongside my mentoring work, I am Director of the Curriculum at the Amsterdam’s Welvaren Training Center in the Netherlands. 

If I were to give a single sentence to describe my expertise then it would be: Andy is an expert in emotional healing in challenging business environments. 

September 16th TBD

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