The Spiritual Awareness Community is undergoing an exciting new transformation. Regular Sunday meetings have been resumed.  Come and experience a new and more vibrant future, with events focused on personal spiritual exploration and raising our consciousness to new levels.  Be sure to join our Meetup to stay connected as the changes proceed. 

Through the active practice of cultivating our mission we create an inviting social setting to serve our Spiritual Community with a positive focus on the here and now. We collectively establish this kind and respectful environment to share, learn and develop from each other's personal experience with Spirit, Consciousness and Self Awareness. And through this creation we become an accessible and non-judgmental platform that promotes unlimited personal and spiritual expansion with true reverence and appreciation of each other and the planet we all currently share. 

The Community gatherings are a shared celebration of our ever expanding spiritual life. Each week is fresh and exciting with interesting and heartfelt guest speakers, presenters, group meditations, round table discussion topics and more. Upon arrival you will be warmly welcomed and instantly feel that you've found a home. 




Upcoming Events