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Program Begins at 5:15 pm

March 26th | Anastacia Armstrong

Physical Mastery

image of Anastacia Armstrong

Our body is the container for our mind, emotion and soul. Our body is consciousness. To create vibrant health and vitality, we must nurture and intentionally care for the body.

This gathering will open with a interactive conversation about the impact our thoughts and emotions have on physical body and how to allow transformation to occur within the dense energy of the physical body. We will then move into an introduction to the Conscious Transformation Internal Energy Practice.

The Conscious Transformation Internal Energy Practice (IEP) is a combination of ancient Asian breathing and movement techniques. These practices have been united in a way that provides powerful support to the process of internal strengthening, cleansing, and overall transformation.

The sequence of a warm up and gentle yoga-like standing postures, breathing techniques and meditative practices. These poses are designed to open energy pathways and strengthen the body while simultaneously focusing the mind, and begin to release deep emotional patterns.

We will conclude the evening chanting 108 OMs as a collective. *If you have a Mala, please feel free to bring it.

*IEP poses will be 5 gentle standing postures. Wear comfortable clothing.

 Upcoming Speakers 
April 2nd
Community Circle & Potluck
April 9th
Eileen Lock
April 16th
Bernadette Hartman

image of food on table - thanks to Instagram/The Delicious
What is My What?
Led by Daryl Ochs

image of Eileen Lock
Where are we now,
and What's Next?

image of Bernadette Hartman

w/ Kat Rose and Ethan Anderson

Thursday, April 20th | 7:00 - 8:00pm

You are invited to participate in a mostly free-form improvisational Drumming & Dancing Circle! You will choose one option of whether to drum or to dance for the evening. If you choose to drum, all percussive instruments are welcome, as are melody wind instruments such as flutes and didgeridoos.

We will explore a variety of tempos and feeling tones as we journey through the 5 elements. This will be a space for creative freedom of expression! As drummers, we will enter into a synergistic communion with the dancers. Their dancing will feed and inspire our drumming and our drumming will feed and inspire their dancing.

If you choose to dance, Ethan will be leading you through a journey to your core employing both the 5 elements, and the 6 human needs. 1) Certainty (earth) 2) Variety (water) 3) Growth (air) 4) Significance (fire) 5) Contribution (spirit) and 6) Connection and Love (interdependence of the whole). In exploring the 5 elements along with our 6 human needsthis dance is designed to bring harmony and balance to every aspect of our life.

Please bring extra instruments for others to play, if you have them, and invite others you think may be interested! Contact Kat or Ethan with any questions. Children are welcome:-)

This event is offered in partnership with the Spiritual Awareness Community, Sol Alchemy and Dance Connexus. It will be happening every 3rd Thursday of the month at the Old Stone.

Suggested donation is $10.  

Last Week's Speaker

March 19th | Jenny La Fontaine

Self-Happiment: The art of solving life’s issues by being happy and at peace with yourself first.

image of Jenny La Fontaine

No job, relationship or even money can bring lasting happiness.... So what can?

Here is what you will learn:

• Why what you have tried so far to be happy probably hasn’t worked – consistently.

• A spiritual myth that has actually been stopping you from being happy (this is huge!)

• One thing you already do all the time and how to use it to gain inner (and outer) peace and happiness.

• How to be OK with all your feelings – no matter how uncomfortable they may seem to you now.

• Why Self-happiment can help you to love yourself even when nothing else has worked.

• How Self-happiment can increase your confidence, self-worth and intuition

• PLUS you will discover what Self-happiment can mean for your relationships at home and at work.

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