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This Weeks's Speaker

January 14th, 2018 | 5:00pm
Darlene Gertsch - Founder of Good Grief Guidance

All I ever truly wanted was to be a mother...

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When I was just a 16-year-old girl, my cute boyfriend of the moment asked me, “If you could be anybody, who would you choose?” I immediately answered, “Mary!” (Mother of Jesus) Oh, my . . . the hubris of the young! Little did I know, however, that my biggest lessons would come because of that desire to mother.

Indeed, five little boys were born to me at regular intervals over a ten-year period of time. Though falling far short of the Divine Mother, I felt so whole and happy in that dream-come-true time of my life!

My sense of self was wrapped up in those children and their well-being. But it was not destined to last. Who are we in the face of death and loss? That’s the question that begs to be answered.

The dying and death of my precious son Michael launched me into years of agony and introspection. I couldn’t protect him or save him, ultimately, and with him went my sense of self and well-being. I was absolutely shattered.

Since that devastating time, I’ve come to see grief as an aperture, an entry point to personal growth and transformation, a true wilderness fit for a hero’s journey that takes us from vulnerability to strength.

"Alleluia points at which we learn to understand that all growth does not take place in the sunlight." This is the work and the joy of Good Grief Guidance!" Grief is the deep well on which we all draw to transform our relationship with pain and suffering. Indeed, grief and darkness deserve gratitude.

Founder of Good Grief Guidance
Darlene has chosen to learn and thrive through her grief and turn towards it and all its meaning. After the death of her son, the depth of her pain was the key that unlocked the unconscious myths of her life and prompted her to begin to create her true story – to live her authentic self.

Today, Darlene works not only with people in the Central Oregon community through Good Grief Guidance, but also with at-risk-youth at New Leaf Academy, and inmates at Deer Ridge Correctional Institution in Madras, Oregon. Darlene shares her insights and guidance about “the treacherous landscape of grief and loss,” and she continues to transform literally hundreds of lives, not only in our community but where it is needed most – with those that society often forgets.

Upcoming Speakers

January 21st

Kevin Kraft

January 28th

Douglas Vernon

February 4th

The Circle & Potluck

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Sound Bath Meditation

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Experiencing Evolutionary Healing

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Upcoming Workshops & Special Events

Last Week's Speaker

January 7th, 2018 | 5:00pm
Community Circle & Potluck with Jim Pasmore

We have a New Home! Come join us for our 1st Meeting!

2018 is a NEW year of AMAZING Transformation!

Come join our NEW Spiritual Awareness Community at Our New Home, on the Rosie Bareis Campus, 1010 14th Ave. Bend.

We will be celebrating the new year with our First Sunday Potluck. Jim Pasmore will be our exciting "kick-off presenter.

Jim has been a long time member, inspirational and provacative speaker, and loving supporter of SAC. This week he will be facilitating a presentation/discussion on SAC's history and together we will explore Our Vision for the future.

We would love for you to be apart of OUR NEW BEGINNING and SEE where YOU fit in! Please join us and BE a part of the Action and BE a part of the Fun!

Jim Pasmore Bio

Jim is a world traveler having visited 63 countries to date, providing business development and consulting services to the scientific Instrument industry and at age 75 is still an active traveler, business owner and consultant.

Jim’s spiritual journey began 35 years ago when he discovered the Unity Center of Positive Prayer in Austin, TX where he not only served as Youth Minister and served on the board but also met Joanne there, his wife of 32 years.

When Jim and Joanne moved to Bend in 1990, they joined the Unity church of Bend which morphed into the Spiritual Awareness Center a couple of years later. For the next 10 years Jim was a frequent speaker and served multiple terms on the board as VP and President while also teaching the teen and pre-teen youth classes.

In 2001 Jim and Joanne were among the co-founders of Unity Community of Central Oregon where he eventually became an associate minister and is currently serving on the board. Jim and 5 Unity leaders are members of a Mastermind Group which is working to develop a coalition of like-minded Spiritual organizations to acquire and develop a collective campus in Central Oregon.

Jim is the Vice Chair for the LightPath organization of Central Oregon, and is a member of the Charter for Compassion, which he and LightPath are bringing to Bend for an event in February to start the process of helping Bend become a chartered Compassionate City.

Jim is author of the book, “Flash”, in which he tells of his life of adventure and what it has taught him spiritually. Jim is father of five, grandfather of seven and great grandfather of two. His hobbies include hiking, tennis, motorcycle riding and working out daily.

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