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October 22nd | Anastacia Armstrong | 5:00pm

Mental Mastery Presentation - Inner Matrix

image of Anastacia Armstrong

Mental Mastery empowers us with insight into the unconscious patterns that silently drive our behaviors and outcomes in life. The mind, without direction and vision, cannot support us to create a new experience beyond what we have already known.

When we become aware of our mental patterns and learn to direct our thoughts to places that serve us and our vision for the future, we begin to step out of the past and into new possibilities, which we create for ourselves.

In Mental Mastery, we begin to define a vision for life, and understand how the inner workings of the mind determine our daily experience.

Using the tools and techniques presented, we see the patterns that dwell deep within the unconscious mind, and learn to discern the layers of thoughts and beliefs that make up our mental terrain, empowering us to navigate them in a way that allows access to each person’s full potential.


 Upcoming Speakers 
October 29th
Kristina Bak
November 5th
The Circle & PotLuck
November 12th

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Energy Body Awareness, and Intentional Deep Relaxation

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Thursday, October 19th, 7-8:pm (3rd Thursday of every Month)

Old Stone Performing Arts Center


image of image of drums

You are invited to participate in a mostly free-form improvisational drum circle. All percussive instruments are welcome, as are melody wind instruments such as flutes and didgeridoos.

We will explore a variety of tempos and feeling tones as we journey through the 5 elements. We will do a short guided exercise at the beginning to tune into the energy of the different elements, and then no other direction will be given other than Kat calling out when we we are transitioning to the next element.

This will be a space for creative freedom of expression. Come move some energy and receive the blessing of each element as it moves and expresses through our collective field.

Please bring extra instruments for others to play, if you have them.

Last Week's Speaker

October 15th | Douglas Vernon | 5:00pm

Evolutionary S.E.L.F. - Healing Introduction

image of Douglas Vernon

We all know and sense the unprecedented changes in our technical world. Kids lead the way with a lack of fear unseen in our times. We are among the first humans beginning to understand and benefit from new evolutionary understandings.


By cleansing our subconscious and unconscious, we erase limiting patterns and begin re-envisioning an enriched future. Constant and accelerated growth potential (energy consciousness) awaits us as the universe expands faster and faster. Ecstasy is no longer a drug, but a budding reality.

Douglas invites you to join him and others in the new and ever evolving process of SELF-Healing. Learn your true connection with SELF (Source Energy Life Force). Interface with the “Infinite” power grid to create a gentle healing seldom experienced. Source is inclusive; anyone of any belief or non-belief can benefit.

Source is an invisible energy field, always running in our field of energy and it’s constantly around us. It is us. Learn to be a receiver like a radio. Tune into your deepest wisdom.

This process came to me while preforming an existing healing modality and after editing a 6-book series on evolution. I’ve been utilizing Source Energy for over three years with numerous positive changes in my life and now share it with others. Through this guided meditation you’ll learn to access your internal and eternal power.

Create the changes you want as you strive for your highest and greatest good (Source knows what that is). Release blocks to your "Allness" joyfully and virtually pain free.

As you tune in and tap into your unique gifts, you’ll be contributing to a more beautiful and healthful future. You’ll experience greater connection, and begin increasing your energetic beingness and unravel your flowing humanity. If your current world is contained, expect to become a conduit and flow with creation energy. Grow with increasing enthusiasm for life with expanding aliveliness.

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