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An Application form to speak must be submitted and accepted before you can be scheduled. Forms can be downloaded PDF or WORD.Doc send filled out forms to
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*IMPORTANT* - Program Begins at 7:00 pm (No regular service at 5:15pm this week)

April 30th | Greg Tamblyn | 7:00pm

Vibrating at the Frequency of Fun!

image of Greg Tamblyn
Did you know that amusement is a very high vibration?

Mystics teach one of the most influential things you can do in our society is to have a good day.

We’ll enjoy one together, using songs, stories, and no small amount of humor.


Get free songs, videos, and humor at Greg’s website:

Suggested love offering: $15.00

 Upcoming Speakers 
May 7th
May 14th
Celebrating Mother’s Day
May 21st
Kris Prochaska, MA

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Formerly “Circle and Potluck”

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Differently ...

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Sacred Leadership



Led by Breyn Hibbs & Kat Rose

Sunday, May 21st | 7:00 - 8:30pm

Using guided meditation, breathwork and chanting we will gather in circle to dive deep into the heart space of “Bhakti”: Devotion to God/Love/Spirit/That which lives within the heart of All.
Love offering.  

w/ Kat Rose and Ethan Anderson

Thursday, May 18th | 7:00 - 8:00pm

You are invited to participate in a mostly free-form improvisational Drumming & Dancing Circle! You will choose one option of whether to drum or to dance for the evening. If you choose to drum, all percussive instruments are welcome, as are melody wind instruments such as flutes and didgeridoos.

We will explore a variety of tempos and feeling tones as we journey through the 5 elements. This will be a space for creative freedom of expression! As drummers, we will enter into a synergistic communion with the dancers. Their dancing will feed and inspire our drumming and our drumming will feed and inspire their dancing.

If you choose to dance, Ethan will be leading you through a journey to your core employing both the 5 elements, and the 6 human needs. 1) Certainty (earth) 2) Variety (water) 3) Growth (air) 4) Significance (fire) 5) Contribution (spirit) and 6) Connection and Love (interdependence of the whole). In exploring the 5 elements along with our 6 human needsthis dance is designed to bring harmony and balance to every aspect of our life.

Please bring extra instruments for others to play, if you have them, and invite others you think may be interested! Contact Kat or Ethan with any questions. Children are welcome:-)

This event is offered in partnership with the Spiritual Awareness Community, Sol Alchemy and Dance Connexus. It will be happening every 3rd Thursday of the month at the Old Stone.

Suggested donation is $10.  

Last Week's Speaker

April 23th | Anastacia Armstrong

Spiritual Mastery

image of Anastacia Armstrong

In today’s world, the demands of everyday living distract us and we often lose our sense of direction in life.

We become disconnected from the most important source of our fulfillment – the higher self or soul. However, creating time to connect deeply with our spiritual essence is crucial to creating transformation and attaining a life of meaning and purpose.

Fourth in the series, Spiritual Mastery is a supportive place to make this connection and consider answers to many common spiritual questions.


- The nature of the higher self
- Tools and techniques to overcome self-destructive patterns
- Accessing the power of love in order to neutralize and transcend the energy of fear
- Become a powerful creator in your life

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