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This Weeks's Speaker

December 17th | Anastacia Armstrong | 5:00pm

Spiritual Mastery

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Conscious Transformation, is the ongoing process of personal development grounded in understanding and shifting the deep mental, emotional, and physical patterns that keep us from reaching our potential and limit our ability to attain what we truly desire.

This practice focuses on creating internal patterns that align with and propel us toward a new experience of life. Anastacia will be introducing core concepts of Conscious Transformation in an interactive setting. We will work as a group to access higher states such as love and gratitude. Each person will be given easy to apply tools to shift unconscious emotional patterns and create higher states of being within the collective field. Anastacia will close the group with medicinal music for the soul.

Spiritual Mastery: In today’s world, the demands of everyday living distracts us and we often lose our sense of direction in life. We become disconnected from the most important source of our fulfillment – the higher self or soul. However, creating time to connect deeply with our spiritual essence is crucial to creating transformation and attaining a life of meaning and purpose.

Last in the series of Conscious Transformation, Spiritual Mastery is a supportive place to make this connection and consider answers to many common spiritual questions.

Topics to explore:

- The nature of the higher self.
- Tools and techniques to overcome self-destructive patterns.
- Accessing the power of love in order to neutralize and transcend the energy of fear.
- Become a powerful creator in your life.

John Irwin will be hosting Anastacia's presentation.


Upcoming Speakers 
December 17th

Anastacia Armstrong
December 24th

Kat Rose, Julie Southwell, David Watts, Jenni Peskin & Special Guests
December 31st

Trish Nelson and Ginny Contendo

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Spiritual Mastery

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An Exploration of "Callings"

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Last Week's Speaker

December 10th | The Circle & Potluck | 5:00pm

Kevin Kraft, Tanuja Goulet, and
The Oregong Collective

image of Kevin Kraft and Tanuja Goulet

GonGong Qi Gong – A Unique Offering of Gong Meditation and Qi Gong With Kevin Kraft, Tanuja Goulet, and The Oregong Collective Journey with us in a renewing and healing evening of qigong meditation movement and sound healing with chanting and gong bath, including your qi gong flu shot.

The evening begins with qi gong meditation (sitting, standing, and laying down) supported by mantra and instrumental cosmic sounds. This is followed by a full half-hour of bathing in the resonating tones of crystal bowls, gongs, and strings. We will lead your mind and spirit into a deep state of brain relaxation and sonic bliss affecting every cell of your body. As you relax into the hypnotic rhythm of your own breath, you may experience expanded awareness, enter a higher state of consciousness, or encounter your powerful inner healer and guide.

At Gong Gong Qi Gong, set your intentions for health and wholeness in the holidays, journey with us to release what’s ready to go, and find new levels of clarity, energy, and calm for the weeks ahead.

Dress in comfortable clothing for gentle movement. Bring a yoga mat, pillow, and blanket.


Kevin Kraft has taught yoga since 2005. The journey began with a back injury; after countless approaches, he hobbled into yoga and within two weeks was almost completely pain free. What started off as a physical connection to yoga has grown into a passion for the both the mental and spiritual components of yoga, specifically the philosophy and meditation principles and practices. Through this journey, vibration has been the primary teacher. Kevin offers a rich variety of yoga from various traditions encompassing sound, breath, philosophy, and movement to help participants to find an authentic, healthy, and powerful self. A bridger between the corporate and spiritual communities, Kevin has a long history of teaching and management in the international business and wellness categories. He has successfully grown export consulting, wellness, and language programs in Colorado, Saipan, and Japan through teaching and management. Kevin Kraft is a certified yoga instructor with the Yoga Alliance. His areas of focus include that hold it all together Power Vinyasa yoga, Kundalini yoga, Reiki energy work, Holotropic Breathwork, pranayama, yoga nidra, intention goal setting, sound wave therapy, laughter meditation, Sanskrit, chanting, and mantras.

Dr. Tanuja Goulet, DAOM, LAc, is an expert at treating pain and insomnia with the body-supportive and adjunctive approach of Chinese medicine. During her twenties, Tanuja had chronic pain in her arms and hands that doctors could not explain. The experience motivated her to learn about healing that would help people at the root cause of the problem. Tanuja earned her master’s degree and doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, with a doctoral focus on women’s health and geriatrics. She is certified by the National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and licensed by the Oregon Medical Board. To learn more about Tanuja, visit

The Oregong Collective are local musicians with a shared passion for healing sounds, ambient knick-knacks, cosmic chants, liberating movement, gongs, and the numbers.

Cost: Love offering of $15 at the door. No one turned away.

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