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Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

I would like to introduce myself and our current Board of Directors and attending SAC members.

My name is M. Joanna White-Wolff. I am the acting President, in addition to scheduling the weekly Sunday Service events. I am an ordained Minister, and a retired Masters level, Licensed Psychotherapist of over 40 years experience. I was nominated at the end of the year at our membership meeting when the old board resigned. I will need a nomination to run for a seat on the elected Board.

Charles Scamahorn, is the acting Vice-President. He is a prolific writer and author and a walking encyclopedia! If you don’t believe me hook him into a conversation and watch the brilliance shine! Charles volunteered to serve and will need a nomination to run for a seat on the board.

Steven Meyers is the acting Secretary, and Treasurer. He has been on the Board of Directors for over 16 years. He is our historian! He has the exact skills required to think, remember and write at the same time. His minutes are like a recording of the proceedings of our meetings. He has one year left on his term.

Delora Melko is a retired. Delora is a retired Financial & Accounting Director for a World Wide Building Materials Company. She was nominated to the board last week. She will need a nomination and be elected to serve as a Board Member.

Steve Buss is a new member of SACC. He is a Computer “Nerd” as they say in his world of 27 some years of doing things with computers! He would like to serve on the Board and will need a nomination to run for a seat and then be elected.

Ed Windhorse has volunteered to help with the process of formulating a NEW SAC! He brings a rich history of Buddhism and serves the Dalai Lama. He serves as a Spiritual Advisor to the Board.

Cindy Howard has volunteered to help and brings with her “Spirit” to be present at our meetings and gatherings. She serves as a Spiritual Advisor.

The Board of Directors can have up to 8 members. Therefore, we could nominate as many people who are willing to serve, but then must vote for the 8 people we “know” in our hearts will do the best job. Together, we are interested in expanding the Board of Directors, in addition to, expanding our Membership.

If you are as excited by the idea of helping to create our new direction, new Mission and are able to lend your skills to that purpose, join us at our Sunday gathering - find a SAC member and fill out a membership form. You may be the ONE to shed a new light on our efforts.

   Our Mission ~
The Mission of the Spiritual Awareness Community of The Cascades is to provide a safe environment of unconditional love and acceptance, supporting all seekers on their paths of personal and spiritual transformation.

It remains so today. However, we are interested in expanding the statement with words from the Community. We believe the Community shall set the direction of SAC, not the Board!

  Our Vision ~

We believe that our Spiritual Awareness Community represents a physical manifestation of the spiritual center within each of us.  We acknowledge the Divinity fully present in everyone and everything.  By accepting our divine nature we become co-creators with God and we take full responsibility for the world we thus create.  We are all connected on a spiritual level.  The natural result of accepting God as part of everything is reverence for our Mother earth.

We believe that all religions have at their core an abiding love for God, neighbor and self.  We therefore recognize all paths as spokes on the wheel, the community of which is Divine.  In seeking to serve the needs of our community, The Spiritual Awareness Community dedicates its space, time, and energy to celebrating the spiritual evolution of all people through love, joy, peace and total acceptance.

Our Vision Statement is in metamorphosis. We are honing a new and more Encompassing VISION. Anyone wanting to explore the wording may become a part of an Action Committee to define the exact language which will be presented to the membership via the Website. Where you will be able to vote for the statement you can embrace with your “heart knowing.”