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  Spiritual Awareness Community Sponsored Events


Thursday,  October 10th |  5-7 pm
First Thursday of every Month

Location: Old Stone Performing Arts Center in Bend

You are invited to a Community Healing Night & Canned & Non-Perishable Food Drive. If you are a practitioner of Reiki, Qigong, Matrix or any other forms of Touch Healing and also Intuitive Readers, please join us in creating a Community Healing Night. Everyone is Welcome!  

Those who enjoy the Annual Community Healing Fair/Canned Food Drive can now receive a wonderful healing experience every month. This is a Canned Food Drive for Neighbor Impact.  Please bring lots of canned food or our community food bank, NEIGHBOR~IMPACT.  

This is being coordinated by Eileen Lock and The Oneheart Ministry.  


Thursday, Sept 21, 7-8:pm (3rd Thursday of every Month)

Old Stone Performing Arts Center


image of image of drums

You are invited to participate in a mostly free-form improvisational drum circle. All percussive instruments are welcome, as are melody wind instruments such as flutes and didgeridoos.

We will explore a variety of tempos and feeling tones as we journey through the 5 elements. We will do a short guided exercise at the beginning to tune into the energy of the different elements, and then no other direction will be given other than Kat calling out when we we are transitioning to the next element.

This will be a space for creative freedom of expression. Come move some energy and receive the blessing of each element as it moves and expresses through our collective field.

Please bring extra instruments for others to play, if you have them.


Led by Breyn Hibbs & Kat Rose

Sunday, September 17th| 7:00 - 8:30pm

Using guided meditation, breathwork, mudra and chanting we will gather in circle to dive deep into the heart space of “Bhakti”: Devotion to God/Love/Spirit

... That which lives within the heart of All. Harnessing the power of the collective field, Bhakti Church aligns our bodies, hearts and minds, and directs this unified intention towards one specific transformational aim.

Suggested donation: $10.00  

   Other Spiritual Activities Around Central Oregon


Friday, September 22nd | 6:30 - 8:30pm
Location: Bend Art Center located in the Box Factory on Industrial Way in Bend

Join us at Bend Art Center to partake of amazing food by Anna Witham, celestial cello music by Billy Mickelson and cosmic poetry curated by moi. I’ll also serve as your MC for the evening.

Amid the stunning exhibition, “Lunar,” experience a sumptuous, intimate dinner for culture lovers.

People have raved about this unique, magical event – a true feast for all the senses!

Register early; seats go fast! Arrive early to settle in and take in the art!

Cost: $55.00 per person – includes food, wine, poetry, music – the works! Register: Call Bend Art Center at 541-330-8759


Wednesday, September 20th to Friday, September 29th| 7:00pm
Location: Sol Alchemy Temple: 2150 NE Studio Road #A-5 in Bend

It’s that time of year again! Mark your calendars and join us for 9 nights of community gatherings, experiences and ritual (see full schedule below), in observance, honor and celebration of Navaratri!

The traditional Indian festival of Navaratri celebrates the Divine Feminine in all her aspects and symbolizes the victory of positivity over negativity. We understand that our negativity can be conquered by the divine positive qualities that are inherent within us.

The 9 nights (Nava =9; Ratri=night), are divided into 3 nights for each of the 3 main incarnations of Shakti or Ma Durga.

Most events start at 7pm, but not all.

For complete schedule and times, click here: 9 Nights of The Goddess


Wednesday, September 24th| 9:00am - 4:00pm
Location: Sol Alchemy Temple: 2150 NE Studio Road #A-5 in Bend

Grief is our universal language. No matter who we are, we share the common language of grief.

Whether from death, divorce, abandonment, illness, conflict, the loss of dreams, from witnessing harm to the earth and humanity. Now, more than ever, we must find a way to release and heal our sorrows as a community and a collective. It is imperative to our spiritual health.

Join us as we lay down our personal and collective grief in a sacred community ceremony.

To register and for more info, click here: Community Grief Gathering


Saturday, October 7th| 5:00pm - 8:00pm
Location: On the Rosie Bareis Campus: 1010 NW 14th St. in Bend

We will continue our journey thru the new DVD "Clarity" from the Alaskan Cruise Seminar...

Video Segments Include:

-- Parenting her 4 year old son
-- She has been a moody person
-- It look her 50 years to understand
-- Unconditional living has clicked-in
-- How can he expand more in daily life?
-- Her relationship with her husband is deepening...

Our open discussion allows us to share how the Art of Allowing and Law of Attraction work through us and those in our circle…

Offered on a donation basis with funds supporting the Children, the Animals, and the Land.

Questions about this gathering?
Call Richard & Debbie at 389-4523

To register and for more info, click here:


Tuesdays | 7pm
Location: The Masonic Center 1036 NE 8th in Bend

Sliding scale $10-$20


Wednesdays | 7 - 9pm
Location: Sol Alchemy Temple: 2150 NE Studio Road #A-5 in Bend

Bring your heart and your voice and join our growing community for an ongoing, weekly offering of Bhakti and sacred song!

The Wednesday Night Kirtan band is made up of local musicians: Kat Rose, Julie Southwell, Jenni Peskin, David Watts, Gabriel Shonerd & Josh Williams.

Click here for the Website
Additional info, contact Kat: 310-883-4384

$15 drop-in, or use your Sol Alchemy punchcard.


Location: Cosmic Depot: 345 NE Clay in Bend

10am - 6:00pm Varying Focuses.
3:00 Soaring Crane Qigong lesson or practice w/ Joyce Burk Brown.

Bring canned food for Community Food Bank.

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